Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure

Best practices include tips and recommendations to help you effectively use Backup Exec 2010 Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (Agent for VMware). For more information about the Agent for VMware, see the Backup Exec 2010 Administrator’s Guide.

The following best practices help you use the Agent for VMware effectively:

  • Install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems on any virtual machines on which you want to use Backup Exec’s Granular Recovery Technology (GRT).
  • To use GRT when you create a restore job, do the following:
    • Expand the network bios name of the virtual machine.
    • Select the individual drives, files, and folders that you want to restore.
  • You cannot select individual drives, folders, and files from the virtual machines that appear when you expand VMware vCenter and ESX Servers.
  • If you select the vCenter or the ESX server as a backup resource, all virtual machines are backed up. For a recurring job, any virtual machines that you add after the job is created are included in the backup.
  • If you select to back up the vCenter or the ESX server, the backup job does not include the following:

    • Configuration files for the vCenter or the ESX server
    • Physical Raw Disk Mapping (RDM) devices
    • Independent disks
  • Perform a weekly full backup. This schedule is the default for the VMware policy.
  • Back up to a disk device instead of a tape device.
  • Ensure that the VMware Converter is installed on the media server if you want to restore backup sets that were created with Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers.
  • Ensure that only one VSS Provider is installed on Guest virtual machines. The VMware VSS Provider and the Symantec VSS Provider cannot reside on the same Guest virtual machine.
  • To use Granular Recovery Technology for individual items from Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, or SQL, do the following:

    • Install VMware tools on the guest virtual machine.
    • Install the Remote Agent for Windows Systems on the guest virtual machine. You must install the VMware tools before you install the Remote Agent for Windows Systems.
    • Ensure that you have a valid license for each application that you want to protect.
    • Ensure that the credentials for the guest virtual machine are valid for the application you want to protect.
    • Use the same requirements for backing up Microsoft Exchange on a physical machine when you back up Exchange on a virtual machine.
    • Create separate backup jobs for file servers and application or database servers. When you create file server backup jobs, be sure to uncheck the options on the Virtual Machine Application Granular Recovery Technology Settings dialog box.

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